Hot Fusion Hair Extensions

Fusion hair extensions suggest attaching strands to your own hair using bonds (keratin capsules). This type of hair extension has certain precautions you should take before doing it - whether at home or in a professional salon. 

It is not recommended for:

  • people who are going bald;
  • people who have scalp diseases;
  • pregnant women;
  • people who are currently taking antibiotics and hormonal medication

Although fusion hair extensions are considerably more expensive than hair extensions on tapes, they have more advantages.

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Fusion Hair Extensions - Pros and Cons

There are hardly any major downsides to this type of hair extensions - here are the ones you should know about:

  1. Unlike hair extension on tapes, this hair extension procedure suggests applying high temperatures, which might have a slight negative effect on your own hair
  2. After the extension procedure is finished, you will have to avoid any hair care products containing oil or acid
  3. It may take a while to style your hair right after the extension procedure
  4. You can only use low-temperature mode when drying your hair with a hairdryer
  5. You should comb your hair more often to avoid tangling
  6. The cost of the procedure is higher compared to other methods

As for the advantages, they’re way too numerous to list. First, there’s no limitation as to what the length of your own hair should be - basically if your hair is more than 2 cm in length, you’re good to go. Same for the structure and color of the hair - it simply DOES NOT matter. Bonds are barely felt on your hair and virtually invisible to the others, which allows you to create any kind of hairdos. Finally, you can dye your extended hair any color, curl it, straighten it, or highlight it.

Visiting the sauna is generally not prohibited - however, you should remember to wear a special protective cap.

In order to maintain your hair in its perfect state, you should do a correction procedure every 2-3 months, which is less often and more convenient compared to hair extensions on tapes.

Italian hair extensions on fusions are a variation of the procedure we’ve described above - during it, the specialist attaches pre-formed strands with capsules on the end of the hair. Normally, you can wear this type of extension for 3 months and then do the correction procedure.

Fusion Hair Extensions - Advice on Care

Following these simple tips and recommendations will help you to avoid any serious problems and enjoy your hair longer.

  • Comb your extended hair at least 3 times a day
  • Do not use regular shampoos and conditioners. Instead, you should get hair care products designed specifically for fusion hair extensions
  • Wash your hair in the shower only
  • Comb your hair ONLY after you’ve dried it
  • Avoid using a hairdryer and let your hair dry naturally
  • Braid your hair before going to sleep to prevent it from losing that glossy look

If you’re still in doubt about what method to use - fusion hair extensions or hair extensions on tapes, contact the salon for more information and expert advice.

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