About Us

Our story starts back in 2015. At the time, VIP Slavic Hair was just a tiny company supplying natural Slavic hair to its clients and hair extension specialists from all over Ukraine.

Why Slavic hair? We believe that every woman should be gorgeous and attractive. That’s why we offer hair of Ukrainian and Russian origin - simply because they’re the best out there on the hair extension market.

Our best reward is the positive feedback we get from our clients - when the hair they purchased from us helps them to look even more beautiful and feel more confident!

However, you should choose your hair extensions very carefully since there is quite a lot of counterfeit products on the market. Companies often try to sell inferior Chinese and Indian hair labelling them as “Slavic” or “Russian”. Needless to say, these fakes are nowhere near the original in terms of quality - they are typically processed with silicon, which makes the hair extensions tangle up and break off after a few hair-washing procedures.

We don’t want you to have a bad experience with such hair extensions - besides, these fakes are usually easy to spot: they are unnaturally glossy and suspiciously cheap.

Good quality hair extensions don’t come that cheap - but in the end, it’s always worth the money spent. With proper care, you can use them for at least 12 months!

We offer bulk hair or hair prepared for the following types of extensions:

  • hot fusions extensions
  • tape-in extensions
  • clip-in extensions
  • hand-tied weft extensions.

PLEASE NOTE: We’re not offering wigs, ponytails, and i-tips.

We help every client to choose the right type of hair extensions and match it with their natural hair to achieve that seamless, gorgeous look.

You can buy hair extensions online at our online shop I Love Slavic Hair.

Ukrainian and Russian hair has that unique, recognizable style which is nothing like you can find here in the US or Canada. You have to try it once, and then you’ll never go back to any other type of hair.

VIP Slavic Hair is a fast-growing business with clients from the US, Canada, Australia, UK, and other European countries. Among them are experienced hair extension specialists and major beauty salons looking for the best quality hair extensions.

We ship our products worldwide every day. In order to cope with the growing demand in North America, we launched a supplementary office in Canada in 2019. This office mainly processes orders and handles shipments arriving from our main storage facilities in Ukraine.

We’re also planning on opening a walk-in store in Toronto, where clients could browse the wide range of our hair extension products and experience the quality in a person.

We would appreciate the opportunity to help you choose the best hair to enhance and complement your natural beauty!