Russian Hair Extensions

Russian hair is a high-quality type of hair obtained mostly in the south of Russia. With its soft, mild texture, Russian hair is ideal for hair extensions. As a part of its pre-sale preparation, the hair has to be cleaned, disinfected, and dyed using a special, mild dye to prevent any damage.

We use only modern hair-dyeing techniques in order to preserve the cuticle. Our hair is never tangled - in fact, we make sure each cuticle matches the others. It ensures a smooth combing and a sleek look. Also, we never process the hair with silicon or other chemicals, which helps to preserve the natural look of hair we offer. 

It’s also worth noting that we don’t use various chemical substances to achieve an additional gloss, which is often the case with Asian, Chinese, Brazilian, Indian and Remy hair!

Main Features of Southern Russian Hair

Russian hair for extensions is similar to Slavic hair in terms of its look and texture, whereas the price is lower. Naturally, that makes Russian hair highly sought after, and you can often find strands of Russian hair sold in the cut form or placed on keratin bonds.

Russian hair is ideal for those who want to extend their soft, natural hair of medium tenuity and various colors. The wide range of shades makes it easy to match the color thus creating a beautiful, natural look.

Your new hairdo featuring this hair is bound to look absolutely natural to the point where no one could really tell if the hair was extended. Strands can vary not only in color but in form - they may come straight or wavy. South Russian hair has been the #1 choice for many women since the combination of its price and quality is simply unbeatable. For a long time, this type of hair has been used by many hair extension professionals and beauty salons all over the world.

Russian hair is rated highly by both industry gurus and beauty salon regulars. Finally, this hair is really soft and elastic, which makes its strands easy to comb.

We supply bundles of South Russian hair in the cut suitable for all types of hair extensions, or you can order ready-made tails on tapes, fusions, clip-ins, machine-made or hand-weft hair for extensions.

We ship our products across the US, Canada, Australia, UK, and Europe.

Price for Russian hair extensions

The price of high-quality Russian hair usually starts from $300 USD and depends on the following:

  • Length
  • Color
  • Hair structure (straight or wavy)
  • Type of hair extensions needed
  • The amount of hair you order

You can find our retail prices for Russian hair extensions following the link below. Hair professionals get a special price after opening an account at our online store I Love Slavic Hair.

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