Virgin Slavic Hair Extensions

Slavic hair is an elite, top-quality type of hair obtained exclusively in Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus.

This type of hair is especially popular among celebrities and television personalities. The hair is known for its smooth, silky and mild texture, and exquisite gloss. Thanks to their special structure, Slavic hair is super easy to comb and style - plus, they look and feel absolutely natural after the extension procedure.

What makes this hair unique is the natural color - mostly brown (5-8 level). Brunette is quite rare, blonde is the rarest by far - hence, its popularity and exclusiveness.

The average hair length that we get is 16" to 22" (40 - 55 cm). Longer hair 22" to 24" (55-60 cm) is harder to come by and therefore it’s more pricey. Anything longer than 28" (70) cm is automatically a luxurious item since it takes 5 to 7 years to grow it and maintain its good condition.

The weight of Slavic hair varies from 100 to 200 grams, which is explainable - girls may have braids of varying thickness. When we cut the hair and prepare it for sale, we always keep each set separately and never mix them.

The reason for this is quite simple - we strive to preserve the natural color and shade of the hair. The shade is what makes hair truly unique - e.g., 8-level hair can come in a lot of different shades - from warm to cold. You’ll know the difference when you touch and feel it - Slavic hair is unlike any other hair in the world!

Slavic girls have got the silkiest and smoothest natural (not dyed!) hair - that’s why people are willing to pay more for it.

Each tail is unique (color, length, quantity) so such type of hair for extensions can be ordered depending on the availability of an appropriate bundle. It will be delivered from our studio in Ukraine where the hair is gathered.

You can purchase bundles of virgin Slavic hair suitable for all types of hair extensions or order hair on tapes, keratin fusions, the hair on clips, machine-made or hand-tied wefts.

We ship our products across the US, Canada, Australia, Europe and the UK.

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