Bulk Hair

Hair in the cut is superior to other types of hair due to its solid structure and cuticles, which are kept intact. This hair is ideal for all kinds of extensions, durable enough, and always wears nicely.

Natural Hair Processing

It all starts with the hair being formed in tails and carefully quality controlled. Next, the hair goes through hygiene processing and then it’s combed. No abrasive chemicals are used, which preserves the original, natural look and structure. Finally, the hair is sent for sorting:

1. During the sorting, the hair is divided into the following categories:

  • depending on the quality
  • coarse
  • soft
  • wavy
  • curly
  • hair with cuticles going in different directions
  • depending on the length (from 40 cm to 90 cm)
  • depending on the color - the original hair color should be a close match to the color intended after coloring

2. Coloring. To achieve the uniform color, the hair is sewn together via a special machine. For the coloring process, the only specialized dye is used and the concentration of hydrogen peroxide should be no more than 3%. Also, the whole procedure should be performed at a certain temperature.

3. Washing. After the hair is colored, it’s dipped in a solution, which helps to remove leftovers from the dye and hydrogen peroxide. Then, prior to drying, the hair is combed using a special balm. Then excessive moisture (up to 80%) is removed and the hair is sent to dry in special cabinets. Finally, any parts that might have been left over from the previous procedures are removed from the dried hair.

Types of Hair in the Cut

  • Slavic Hair. Collected on the territory of Ukraine and Russia. This type of hair is thin and light. It may come straight or curly and normally not colored. Virgin Slavic hair is the most sought-after, premium type of hair.
  • South Russian Hair. Collected on the territory of Russia, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan. Medium thickness and heaviness. It’s usually cheaper than Slavic hair and often dyed.

We offer premium quality hair in the cut - Slavic and South Russian. Our specialists will help you to choose the right color and type + give you tips on care.

Price of natural bulk hair

You can find prices for bulk virgin Slavic and Russian hair extensions following this link.