Tape-in Hair Extensions

This type of creating long strands is actually very easy to do. It will take you no more than 60 minutes to walk out of the salon wearing your new, long strands - in fact, no one would be able to tell these extended strands from your natural hair. Plus, the cost of this procedure is rather low, which makes it really affordable for most clients.

Hair Extension on Tapes - Pros and Cons

One of the great things about this type of hair extension is that it’s completely harmless for your own hair. Since there are no high temperatures or any active chemicals involved, it will go smoothly, quickly and without any damage to the hair.

Also, if you do the correction procedure regularly, your hairdo will always look neat, be easily combed and styled any way you want it.

Finally, hair extension on tapes is not expensive at all - the technology is hypoallergenic, which makes it suitable even for people who are susceptible to allergies, women during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

However, there are a few downsides worth mentioning. First, you will have to undergo the correction procedure quite regularly. Second, you won’t be able to wear high tails since the attachment points might become visible. In order to protect the tapes from moisture and warmth, you will have to wear a cap in the sauna or tanning salon - otherwise, the tapes might come off. Finally, if you have dermatopathy or alopecia, this procedure is certainly not recommended for you.

Hair Extension on Tapes - How It’s Done

The procedure doesn’t really require applying any high temperatures. Strands are attached using a special polymer glue. First, you have to separate a thin lock of your own hair. Then, two strands are glued to it - one to the top and the other one to the bottom. Such tapes might be up to 4 cm wide and 60 cm long.
In order to make hair extension less taxing on your own hair, the tapes are usually attached not directly to the hair roots but 1 cm lower. If your natural head of hair is quite thin, then 20 strands should be more than enough for you. For thicker hair, it usually takes around 40 strands to make it look good.

Tape-In Hair Extension on Tapes for Short Hair

For those who wear short hair, this type of extension is not suitable. Ideal haircut for extensions on tapes is a length of own hair of 20 cm and longer. This makes it easy to conceal the attachment points under the upper strands and the whole haircut looks more natural.

If your curls are shorter than 20 cm, it’s better not to do this type of hair extension since the attachment points are going to be visible.

How to Do the Re-application Procedure?

Correction is absolutely required if you want to make your hair look good at all times. As the hair grows, you need to renew the attaching points - for this, we use a special substance to take the strands off while keeping the tapes intact. For reattaching, a small quantity of the new liquid polymer is used.