Clip-in Hair Extensions

This type of hair extension suggests attaching strands of natural hair to your own haircut using a set of tiny clips, not visible under the hair. These clips have a silicone lining to prevent the attached strands from sliding down the hair and keep them fixed in their position.

The greatest thing about hair extensions on clips (compared to other types of extensions) is that you can take them off at any time if you wish so. They can be removed before going to sleep, you can wash them separately, or even reattach them in a new way thus experimenting with your look.

You also get to choose between thin or thick strands while keeping in mind that having thin strands makes it a lot easier to wear. These hair extensions are typically attached to the back of the head, going from bottom to top. Then, you move to the sides and repeat the same actions and then finally attach the thinnest strands. When attaching the strands, you should start with the middle clip and pull the strand a bit to create the right tension and avoid loose spots.

If your hair is thick, it makes the whole procedure easier for you since you will require fewer strands thus leaving smaller gaps between them. In this case, you should attach the upper strand as high as possible.

If your hair is thin, hair extensions on clips might actually help you mask this fact and give your hair more volume. In order to achieve that, you should attach the strands as close to one another as possible to avoid any gaps between the clips.

Looking after your extended hair is very easy - you should only wash it after a few applications. For high-quality strands, you can use any type of shampoo.

Also, it is possible to use coloring shampoo but doesn't try bleaching them. The hair can be dyed - however, you should make sure that the original color of your strands is a few shades lighter than the desired one. The color of the end of your own hair should match the color of the attached strands since they’re attached right to those ends!